Monday 31 January 2011

Doneraile Park to East Cape

Friday 28.01.2011

This is from the road out of Doneraile Park; last night’s camp site is just the other side of the bridge.
Our first stop today was Gisborne. We had our usual session in the library, then while our washing was going round in circles we had a quick walk down to the harbour. This especially caught our eye.
We’ve had an e-mail from Alastair; poor old Ken is having his gearbox refurbished. All the crash changes Dave did while his clutch was giving up must have taken their toll. Anyway, we know he’s in safe hands, and probably enjoying having a rest. Kiwi Ken is definitely not having a rest; this is the Pacific Highway, State Highway 35, doing its bit to add to BP’s and Dunlop’s coffers.
Not that we’re complaining, NZ is like a never-ending roller coaster with extra hills, plus, just in case you get bored, an unbelievable view of the Pacific thrown in!

We came to rest today at the top corner of East Cape. We turned off the highway at Te Araroa and drove down a gravel track towards the lighthouse. After about 15kms we came to East Cape Camping Ground. After about 10 minutes a bloke called Len turned up and took our money, and after that we didn’t see another soul all night.
We could have been the only people on the planet.

Although it was threatening rain, we bravely went for a walk along the windswept beach, picking through driftwood and hopping across rock pools.
When it started raining properly we were about 2 kms from the van and thoroughly soaked when we got back. Good excuse for hot chocolate before bed!

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