Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It must be a sign.

The very nice surveyor came along on Wednesday. Pete & Michelle are certainly getting their money’s worth; he was here for about 2 ½ hours! There was not one stone left unturned. He went up into the loft, looked down all the manholes, he even had a look in the cellar. I never knew we had a cellar. (It’s a joke John, we haven’t got a cellar) Of course he didn’t reveal anything to us, hopefully it’s all ok. We should get a phone call tomorrow.

After a lot of discussion between us Ann-Marie has handed her notice in. We know that nothing is carved in stone until the money is in the bank, but even if it all falls through again we both think she’d be happier doing something less stressful. So Ann-Marie’s last day of full time employment is the 15th July. Whoo-whoo! Dave has told his boss that he’s leaving at the end of June or shortly after. He only needs to give a week’s notice officially so we’re going to leave that until the last minute.

Last weekend we were camping near Southwold, Suffolk, near Lowestoft. One of our friends from Pigdyke, Mandy, was celebrating her 50th birthday by having a weekend called “MANDFEST”.
This included drinking, dancing, drinking, merrymaking, drinking and generally chilling out, but mostly drinking. We did find time to go for a walk on Sunday, but no-one can remember where we went. Happy Birthday Mandy. Thank you for a fabulous weekend.

We’re a bit limited on web access; we gave the PC away, so now we’re using the lap top and currently the only way we can get on line is via Dave’s phone or through free wi-fi at Starbucks, Weatherspoons or suchlike. This is how we’ll be doing it in the van which will be fine ‘cos it’ll be a nice little treat a couple of times a week. While we’re still at home and going to work it’s rather awkward. We don’t know what setup we’ll have on the boat, but that’s next year and the world of mobile communications is changing so fast there’s no point deciding anything yet.

There’s not a lot of stuff left on the “Things To Do Before We Move” list, but we’ve stared a “Things To Do While We’re Travelling” list instead. It seems we can’t be completely listless – at least not yet.

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