Tuesday 8 June 2010

There's a hot brownie in my picnic hamper

So now we're back to waiting. The survey results should be back sometime this week so we’ve got everything crossed; we really don’t want to go back to square one again.

All the garage shelves are empty and it echoes. We’ve never seen it empty before; it was full of junk and firewood when we moved in which we gradually got rid of and replaced with our own stuff. Even when we concreted the floor we did it in two goes and moved all the stuff from one end to the other. We did clear a big space for our Millennium party by putting everything on shelves around the edge and draping curtains over it, but now it looks huge. Blue is in there at the moment having his re-sprayed doors put back on and he looks lost. He’s up for sale soon, the Plums & Custard Dolly is shortly off to retirement in the south of France and the Acadiane is going down to Winchester the weekend after next. It’s all coming together.

Last weekend we took a picnic to Grimsthorpe Castle along with about 3500 Brownies, Guides and Rainbows. “Learn to Morris dance with Bourne Borderers” was one of the activities at the 2010 South Lincolnshire Girlguiding Party in the Park. We had about 30 at a time; we gave them all big sticks and got them to bash them together. All co-ordinated and in time to the music - obviously.
We seemed to get on a lot better in the afternoon after we took off the black face paint and didn’t look so scary. It was a brilliant day despite being the hottest of the year. There’s something very sweet about holding a hot little hand while its owner concentrates on skipping.

On Sunday we had the day with Frankie and Harry; they stayed over after coming up here for a wedding on Saturday (Congratulations Liz & Dunk!).

Sunday morning was lovely; we all just sat and chatted, something we just never seem to have the time for anymore. Then in the afternoon we went over to Sawtry where Pigdyke were dancing in the annual feast parade under the annual thunderstorm.

Our next blog should have some confirmation one way or another.

Lists; Added – 0 ticked off – Lost count, but Dave’s down to one bit of paper.

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