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Grand Union. Stoke Bruerne to Shuckborough

It was a bit of a shock to see that the last post was nearly three weeks ago. Humble apologies, must try harder. We haven’t been complacent though; in that time we’ve taken Legend through the middle of two of the biggest canal touristy areas there are – Stoke Bruerne and Braunston – and through two BIG tunnels – Blisworth and Braunston, and we’re now moored just before Napton Junction where the South Oxford Canal leaves the GU.
We’ll be turning left down there soon and heading for Fenny Compton for Kim’s hen party next weekend. Ken the Kontiki passed his MOT and is now on Ebay. It’s a bit sad ‘cos we loved that van and we had a ball going round Europe in him; now it looks like we’re going to have to virtually give him away before he becomes a financial burden. We’ve also made new friends, new furniture and had visitors.
The tunnels were an amazing experience. We’ve been through tunnels before; Chirk on the Llangollen in a hire boat, and Harecastle on the T&M as passengers on the coa…