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Dave being serious.

Last August, me and the bunch of blokes I worked with all got made redundant. Some of them had been with the firm for 20 odd years so they got a decent lump. Enough to make a diference. There was lots of speculation about what we'd do with it. I paid a large chunk of the mortgage off with mine, a couple of guys took early retirement. One chap - two or three years older than me - booked a cruise, some bike lessons, went shopping for a Harley and had six months off.

I went to his funeral yesterday. He had a heart attack shortly after starting a new job.

He was a good man and well liked. The crematorium was packed. There was a little truck drivers reunion afterwards and it dawned on me (and probably the others too) that there but for the grace of God....

It hits you like a train when one of your peer group cops it. I've worn a suit twice this year - twice too often. It has made me even more sure that we're doing the right thing.

Rest in Peace Chalkie.


Flower Borderers

Sorry for the delay in posting this week, all this lovely weather and a full calendar spirited the days away while we weren’t looking.

We’ve just had a fabulous weekend! On Saturday Bourne Borderers were invited to dance at the Long Sutton flower festival which is just down the road from us. If you’ve ever been to South Holland at this time of year you will know that flower festivals, centred around local churches, are a very big part of the social calendar. The displays are always stunning and very well attended with visitors coming from all over the country. It goes on for about a month, culminating in the Spalding Flower Parade. Ann-Marie and the rest of the side did two sets with a St George and the Dragon mummers play in-between. Dave was in the perfect position to take pictures, but was overcome by muppetry and failed to take any. Sorry. We’ll pinch some off someone and put them up soon.

After it was all over we invited everyone back to our house for a BBQ and an evening round th…

Go Back To Start, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect £200

So here we are back at square one, the house is back on the market and we’re waiting for the phone to ring. We asked you to come with us on our travels and feel like we’ve let you down somewhat by not actually travelling yet but after a week of doom and gloom we’re back to being positive, it only takes one person! We love our house, our garden and the community that we are a part of and know there must be someone else out there who thinks the same as we do.

Dave has spent most of the week in the garage again, this time with the Berlingo. He fitted a new front suspension spring, timing belt and clutch. It now feels like a brand new car and has a shiny MOT to go with it. He has now turned his attention back to the Kon-tiki and prepared the floor for the new lino.

Ann-Marie has had a busy week dancing, 3 practice nights and 2 bookings, one with Slapdash at Moulton Mill for a St Georges celebration and one with Pig Dyke Molly at the Joint Morris Organisation Day of Dance in Bury St Edmunds…

Too Good To Be True

Things that seem too good to be true ususally are. For one reason or another our buyers have pulled out.

Even though we're only back to where we were two weeks ago we feel totally gutted. In those two weeks we'd got ourselves geared up to move into the van in five to eight weeks. We sold most of our furniture and planned our summer. That'll serve us right for getting cocky.

Since it all fell apart yesterday we've both heard of other peoples' experiences of failed sales. At least we've only lost some time and not the house of our dreams.

Forms, Floors & Fifties

This week Ann-Marie is driving round with a big grin ‘cos she’s back in a 2CV. Yes, the blue one – “Blue” - passed his MOT like a good little soldier, now she’s just got to get used to not having power steering or servo brakes again!

Dave’s attention has been transfered to the Kon-tiki; the horrible old brown shag-pile has bitten the dust (lots of dust!) and we’ve got some lovely new lino to fit instead. There’s a new awning on the side, and the bed over the cab now lifts up and stows for travelling, which means we can leave it made up and it gives us a lot more headroom.

The postie lady brought a wad of forms from our solicitors for us (ie. Ann-Marie) to fill in. There is an endless string of questions about what we are leaving in the house. Who the heck takes window handles with them?

At the weekend we went to Dave’s cousin’s 50th birthday party. It was in Exeter and due to us chatting and not paying proper attention we went the pretty way, the very pretty way! We got back this afte…

It's cheaper by the yard.

As you can imagine life has got a trifle hectic since Wednesday, the couple that our buying our house are cash buyers and want to move in under 8 weeks so the pressure is on.

We’d planned a yard sale for Easter Sunday so it was handy that there was a 2CV Easter rally at a pub just a few miles away, not only could we have a great weekend camping with friends but they also came along and rummaged through the garage thinning it out considerably.
On Saturday we popped home from the camp, Dave and a couple of mates spent the day clearing the garage and spreading stuff out on tables while Ann-Marie went dancing in Downham Market with Pig Dyke Molly.

Home again on Sunday, feeling like yo-yo’s, we laid out all the household stuff that won’t fit on the boat. Our neighbours joined in too so it was like a mini car boot sale with a steady trickle of punters from 9 till 4. We were really pleased with the amount we sold, including most of the furniture in the house (looks like we’ll be sleeping on a…

April the first - I kid you not.

This is all getting rather spooky.

We said we'd probably put the house on the market some time around Valentine's Day 2010, and like clockwork, that's what happened. Since then, despite really trying not to have a plan, we've often found ourselves musing about possible scenarios. The most hopeful ones begin with "If we sell by the end of March....", and end "...but of course that's never going to happen."

You guessed it. Yesterday we accepted an offer.

What was that whooshing noise? That, Dear Reader, was the point of no return.

Dave and Ann-Marie are now desperately trying to avoid eye contact in an effort to cut down on all the inane giggling.