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Stratford Canal. Stratford to Wilmcote.

Mother’s Day turned out to be a resounding success. We were up and at it first thing on Saturday morning, going down the last five locks and under some chimney scraping bridges into Stratford, where we moored, as planned, nose to nose with Hamlet.
We’d not even got a brew going before the first coach-load of Japanese tourists turned up and started adding our daffodils to their digital archives of the UK “This is Lady Macbeth, this is Hamlet, this is Falstaff, and these are some weird people who live on a boat.”

Mum and Dad turned up and, much to everyone’s delight and with a little help and no fuss, Mum climbed aboard. It’s the first time she’s seen the inside since last summer and it made us realise just how much we’ve changed it. We had a lovely afternoon and finished it off with a meal in a pub in the town. Moored in the countryside, usually in the middle of nowhere, is our natural habitat – we likes it quiet – but every once in a while it makes a nice change to be in the centre of…

Stratford-on-Avon canal. Stratford.

Our “Not very far – not very often” method of traversing the inland waterways got superseded by the more exiting “Not very far – but quite frequently” version this week.

Lapworth has been our home for a fortnight and we’ve had a lovely time here; we’ve been for walks all around the local area and it has been great fun to be in a touristy place just as the weather is picking up and spring is raising its head. There are flowers popping up everywhere, dozens of boingy lambs in the field opposite the boat and on a sunny Sunday we get to chat to lots of happy smiling people.
In the middle of it all Dave still managed to rub down and get 2 coats of undercoat on the roof ready for glossing when we dry dock.
When our two weeks were up we set off with Dave’s sister Judith and her partner Vince on board, down the tranquil (when you’re not going under the M40) Stratford-on-Avon canal to Lowsonford and stopped outside the Fleur de Lys pub. It was Judith’s birthday and the first time she’d been on…