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We've just exchanged contracts. That really was the point of no return.

We might not be quite listless but we're going to be totaly homeless in a week.

The Following Weekend

We’re moving into the van next weekend. That gives us the beginning of next week to either store, give away or bin everything that we don’t have room for, and clean through the house.

Easy peasy.

On Saturday we took our little Acadiane down to our friend’s house near Winchester. It went on an “A” frame behind the Kon-Tiki and was very well behaved indeed.  On Saturday night we were at our friend Elaine’s 50th birthday party down near Portsmouth. It was fancy dress; the theme was “The Wizard or Oz” We assumed that there would be loads of scarecrows, lions, witches and tin men, so we went as the yellow brick road.
About 10 other people had the same idea; it ended up looking like a yellow brick interstate highway! Damn good party though. We stayed the night in the car park then on Sunday met up with Ann-Marie’s parents, Carole and Peter and her Sister, Karen and Karen’s boyfriend, Andrew at the Liphook classic car show. Lots of shiny metal and interested huddles of people round open bonnets…

Very quick update.

Everything going ahead, it looks like we'll be out of here on the 30th of June. That's two weeks away. Eek! We'll have two weeks still working and living at a local campsite, then six weeks of folk festivals and family birthdays and weddings. Then, at the begining of September, we've booked a one way ticket  to Calais.

There's a hot brownie in my picnic hamper

So now we're back to waiting. The survey results should be back sometime this week so we’ve got everything crossed; we really don’t want to go back to square one again.

All the garage shelves are empty and it echoes. We’ve never seen it empty before; it was full of junk and firewood when we moved in which we gradually got rid of and replaced with our own stuff. Even when we concreted the floor we did it in two goes and moved all the stuff from one end to the other. We did clear a big space for our Millennium party by putting everything on shelves around the edge and draping curtains over it, but now it looks huge. Blue is in there at the moment having his re-sprayed doors put back on and he looks lost. He’s up for sale soon, the Plums & Custard Dolly is shortly off to retirement in the south of France and the Acadiane is going down to Winchester the weekend after next. It’s all coming together.

Last weekend we took a picnic to Grimsthorpe Castle along with about 3500 Brownies…

It must be a sign.

The very nice surveyor came along on Wednesday. Pete & Michelle are certainly getting their money’s worth; he was here for about 2 ½ hours! There was not one stone left unturned. He went up into the loft, looked down all the manholes, he even had a look in the cellar. I never knew we had a cellar. (It’s a joke John, we haven’t got a cellar) Of course he didn’t reveal anything to us, hopefully it’s all ok. We should get a phone call tomorrow.

After a lot of discussion between us Ann-Marie has handed her notice in. We know that nothing is carved in stone until the money is in the bank, but even if it all falls through again we both think she’d be happier doing something less stressful. So Ann-Marie’s last day of full time employment is the 15th July. Whoo-whoo! Dave has told his boss that he’s leaving at the end of June or shortly after. He only needs to give a week’s notice officially so we’re going to leave that until the last minute.

Last weekend we were camping near Southwold, …