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Leeds and Liverpool Canal/Aire and Calder Navigation. Rodley to Beal Lock..

We had a fortnight at Calverley Lodge before moving down to the visitor moorings at Rodley. This meant leaving behind about a million froglets that had taken up residence between the boat and the bank.
It also put Legend right by the Leeds Ring Road bridge but as we were off to Ely folk Festival for the weekend we didn’t mind. This is Ann-Marie in the middle of a Witchmen Morris Workshop.
She couldn’t walk for a few days afterwards. Star of the show for us was the fabulously talented Lucy Ward. This is the shuttle bus from the festival site to the city.
When we got back we found a suspicious puddle in the bottom of the fire. We tried – unsuccessfully – to convince ourselves that it was due to excessive rain, but it never happened last year and in the end an inconvenient truth made itself plain. For the last six months or so the central heating has mysteriously needed topping up more often than it ought, and Dave has been quietly wondering where the water has been going. Now that we’ve…

Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Dowley Gap to Calverley.

It’s actually feeling like summer now. The flowers are starting to attract admiring comments and we’ve had strawberries off the boat roof. We also got sunburnt and were driven nuts by a plague of flies at Dowley Gap, reminding us what a British summer is really all about.

We got to see Jim, Liz and Alan while we were there, they live within walking distance of Dowley, so we managed to rendezvous in various pubs in and around Bingley during the week. Also, David and Kate came over for a very enjoyable evening of fish pie and a game of triv. Sometimes it seems like our life is one big social whirlwind.

We went for a walk through Shipley Glen and over Baildon Moor looking for “Cup and Ring Marked Rocks” which our OS Explorer map of Bradford & Huddersfield assures us are there.
It was a lovely walk but sadly - unless what we thought to be quite ordinary looking boulders were actually some prehistoric artefacts - we failed to find them. What we did find was some Chicken of the Woods; a…