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Water and Electricity don't mix, but the opportunity would be nice.

We have been very bad bloggers! Just as everything started getting exciting we abandoned our reader for a whole fortnight. For this we deeply apologise – our only excuse is that we have been a bit busy of late. Here’s a quick summary of Listless happenings.

We found Ken! On Sunday Mum & Dad took us to Lincolnshire, Glen and Steve put us up for a night and on Monday Glen and Holly gave us a lift to Boston where our lovely big Kon-Tiki had been languishing while we were away. While we were there we went up the Boston Stump.
Poubelle passed an MOT test on Tuesday with no problems and was insured and taxed on the same day.

On Thursday we helped Karen clear out her garage and rolled her old 2CV out into the daylight. She wants to sell it so she needed to know that any prospective buyers could actually get to see it.

On Friday we spent a couple of hours clearing Mum & Dad’s patio; there’s now room to sit round the table. In the afternoon we went to Odiham bowling club with Dad and w…

Hello England, we've missed you.

Having found our boat and agreed a price in double quick time we then had to wait a week before we handed over the cheque and signed a bill of sale. The seller can only get there at weekends so we’ve now got another week waiting for the cheque to clear until we get possession.

Yes, we know. Some bloke we hardly know has now got all our money and the keys to our boat. However, Ann-Marie did a super job compiling the paperwork, we got it witnessed and we know where he lives.

We know you’re all waiting with baited breath, so here’s some photos of the inside. Click to enlarge them.
Our time has not been wasted though; we got our little van back from its barn, gave it a service and checked it all over. It’s booked in for an MOT next Tuesday.
We also went up to Chesterfield for a couple of nights with Anne. While we were there we went mining in her walk-in wardrobe where what’s left of our stuff is, and came out with a bag full of winter clothes, just as spring arrived. Best of all we got to …

Don't buy the first boat you see.

Ann-Marie’s parents picked us up from Heathrow on Thursday morning and took us back to their house in Fleet where we are staying for a few days while we get ourselves sorted out. After 18 hours in the air and a 10 hour time shift we spent the rest of the day sleeping and drinking tea.

On Friday the Big Boat Hunt began. We’d already made a shortlist before we came back so it wasn’t long before we’d got 4 lined up to see on Saturday. Our criteria were; 50’ to 57’ long, trad stern, proper engine (ie. Not modern 4 cylinder) , decent sized well deck, from a well-known hull builder with some scope for putting our own personality into it. What that meant is that we could rule out about 99 out of every 100 boats for sale. Our shortlist had about 15 boats on it, but a couple of them were stretching our budget.

By strange coincidence, 4 were all to the west of London on the GU. Peter & Carole kindly did the chauffeuring; two more people we owe so much to. The first one we looked at was 57’…

Hello Darwin, Goodbye Australia. Thank you, you lovely, lovely people!

Sorry this took a long time to get posted, when we haven't been getting over jet-lag we've been tearing round the country looking at boats.

We took Ann out for lunch in Alice on Sunday, then popped round to say goodbye to Damian & Julie. After a very enjoyable afternoon playing cards we stuffed our ever increasing luggage back into Ann’s poor little Polo and set off through Heavitree Gap towards the Airport. As our plane taxied down the runway we passed the RFDS hangers.
2 hours later we were walking across the tarmac in a hot, damp evening in Darwin waving at Rachel.

Rachel & Pete have a tree removal and pruning business, and run a small garden centre. Their lovely house and both businesses are all on the one site and they very kindly put us in their annex; our own self-sufficient pad for three nights, just what we needed to sort all our stuff out for the flight home.

On Monday they’d both taken a day off to show us around Darwin. The city played a major role in Austr…