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Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. Saul Junction to Splatt Bridge Via Sharpness.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that after three weeks of driving around the country visiting a sizable proportion of our friends and relations we’d have given ourselves a rest, but no. As soon as we’d unpacked and managed to find somewhere to put the leftover food that we’d brought home from the wedding, we were out for a walk round the Arlingham Horseshoe. Our intention was to follow the loop in the river, walking along the flood bank.

This is a Big River.
Fishing the incoming tide.
It was a bit windy.
Really tall pylons span the river.

There's another lightship.
About half way round it became apparent that if we didn’t re-arrange our plans, by the time we got back to Legend we’d be either walking in the dark or hungry. Neither option was desirable, and the thought of both together was completely unacceptable, so instead we cut across the loop, through Arlingham, Milton End and along the end bit of the Stroudwater Canal, and were home just in time for tea.
Dave’s sister Kate had been…

Gloucester and Sharpness Ship Canal. Gloucester Docks to Saul Junction.

All the bridges on the G&S either swing or lift, effectively removing any height restriction which would otherwise prevent shipping from the Bristol Channel reaching the docks at Gloucester. This, combined with a deep, wide and mostly straight channel can result in the masts and bridges of all manner of craft drifting past the window of your very small looking narrowboat.
There is a gathering of tall ships each year in the docks. All the bridges are manned and controlled by traffic lights, which makes it very easy to navigate, you just approach the bridge slowly, the red light starts to flash which means that the bridge is opening, either by electric power of more traditional methods...

...then once it is fully open you get a green light and away you go. A few of the bridges are high enough for narrowboats to get under them, but you still need to wait for a green light.

Gloucester is a terrific city. We went into the tourist information office; here are some of the things that th…