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Coventry Canal. Birmingham &Fazeley Canal. BCN. Polesworth to Hawne Basin.

There is a very handy mooring at Polesworth where we’ve stayed before. The towpath is nice and wide, there’s car parking just next to the bridge and the village itself is just round the corner. As we had a few things to catch up with and two days work in London coming up we tied up and stayed for the full fortnight. Dave took advantage of the good weather and got lots of firewood chopped up. He also attacked the car headlights with an Autoglym polishing kit and was very impressed with the results.

At the weekend we went out to the WRG barn dance. We had a fantastic time, lots of dancing, a delicious curry and we met up with Jane and Colin from Sloe Gin who we last saw at the IWA festival at Nothampton.
Just up the towpath from Polesworth is Pooley Country Park so we had a walk up to the top of the old spoil heap to the leaf tower. A couple of days later, as we weren’t going to be boating that way, we drove out to Hopwas Woods and had a lovely spring-time walk around there.  Baby Himalayan B…