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River Great Ouse. Bedford to Hemingford.

Once we’d turned round in Bedford we felt a subtle change to our boating as we went from ‘Adventuring into the Unknown’ to ‘the Journey Home’. We’ve felt that way before; coming back down the Lancaster and the Yorkshire Ouse for example, but this is the longest return trip we’ve made so far and, quite possibly the longest we’ll ever make. We tried to leave one or two spots unvisited on our way to the end to give ourselves some new moorings going back, so after dropping through the deep and scary Castle Mills lock...
...our first night was at Barford Old Mill, which Lindsay & Paul know as Eel Island and had insisted we stop at. If they hadn’t told us about it we’d have missed it. It’s on a back-water and used to be navigable all the way round to an old basin where you could turn just before the site of the old lock, but there’s a fallen willow after the first hundred yards or so now, and it’s all overgrown and silted up beyond that. We did a neat little reverse in and tied up. In …

River Great Ouse. Godmanchester to Bedford.

There was rain forecast for the afternoon when we left Godmanchester, so we got going fairly early... Brampton Mill, just outside Godmanchester. Now a very posh restaurant. ...but, as it turned out, not quite early enough. While we were setting Brampton lock, five plastic boats from the same cruising club turned up. Brampton is a ‘D’ shape so we could have fitted a couple of them in with us, but rather than splitting them up and having the rest come past us half an hour later, we worked them all through together, then we went through on our own. By the time we got Legend up the lock it had started raining so we made an unplanned stop at Mailer’s Meadow GOBA mooring. In the afternoon it got colder and wetter and at tea time we lit the fire, as much to cheer ourselves up as anything.
In the morning we set off and pulled in at Buckden Marina, which has a very handy service pontoon on the river bank supplying diesel, petrol, water and pump-out. We hadn’t filled up with diesel since Stowe…