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Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Wigan to Adlington

It came as no surprise that three days after leaving work at Yodel, Ann-Marie got a phone call asking her to do another week of nights to cover holidays. So while Dave got on with the engine ‘ole, Ann-Marie went back to Martland Mill and said goodbye to everyone again. She has now really finished, and to celebrate the fact we’ve moved the boat up to Adlington,
which puts us somewhere other than a Wigan post-code for the first time since November. It feels good to be doing our thing again and although we’re only five miles further on it’s like a different world – mind you, that‘s probably more to do with the three days of sunshine we’ve just had than anything else. Adlington seems like a nice little town; so far we like the cafĂ©, and there are a couple of pubs that look worth investigating. There are also the Rivington Reservoirs, laying at the foot of the Pennines just the other side of the M61, with a maze of footpaths just begging to be trodden. A week here is just what we need.


Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Wigan Top Lock.

Well that was fun! Legend is now just above the top lock of the Wigan 23 and has the accolade of being the first boat in 2013 to go up.
We would like to thank David & Kate who came to stay aboard for the weekend and without whose help we wouldn’t have even attempted it. The statement in the last entry that read “…. the ice shouldn’t cause us any problems.” turned out to be slightly less than the truth as you will see…..
David & Kate arrived around lunch time on Saturday and we’d already decided against moving that day as there was so much snow on the ground locking would have been down-right dangerous, but by Sunday most of it had cleared so off we went. The bottom nine weren’t too bad; lots of ice breaking but nothing we couldn’t plough through.
Our plan was to do it over two days so we stopped for the night in the long pound just before the locks get really close together. Not the ideal overnight mooring; the local kids and dog owners did little to impress us, so despite wak…