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Ashby Canal. Basin Bridge to Stoke Golding (Via Sutton Cheney)

Our flight from Gatwick for Caleb’s christening was interesting. First, upon boarding the plane, Ann-Marie couldn’t find her passport or phone. We thought she’d left them at the departure gate so she was escorted off the plane to try and find them. While she was gone Dave rang her phone and discovered it was in a pocket in her handbag that she never uses! Once she’d suffered the walk of shame down the aisle back to her seat we took off for a very fast and lumpy flight over the Irish sea and landed in Belfast half an hour early. Chloe and Shandy only live about ten minutes from Belfast International so as soon as we landed we gave them a call. Twenty minutes later Chloe rang us back to say that as there was no-one waiting at Belfast City, she was now on her way to the right airport. We went back into arrivals for a coffee.
The christening and the days around it were fabulous. Every day more relatives arrived and by the weekend Chloe had a house full with the overspill in a rented cott…

Coventry Canal. Ashby Canal. Hawkesbury Junction to Basin Bridge.

By no means could our time at Hawkesbury Junction be described as wasted. First there was a day spent making marmalade... ...whilst at the same time cutting and splitting all the remaining ash that we had on the roof. The next day Diane came to visit, which of course involved cake, scones and craftiness. That evening we went over to Lindsay and Paul’s boat and had a takeaway. We were going to go out for a meal to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday, but they’d had to take poor little Jack to the vet’s and were waiting for a phone call to say they could go and get him. It wasn’t quite the celebration it should have been, but it was good that we were able to be there and be a bit of support for them. (Good news - a week later Jack is almost back to his old self.) Lindsay had once again very kindly put our licence discs through her photo editor and we were very impressed with the results.
In the morning we were up early for another of our road trips. Going away from the boat in the winter requ…