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Staffs & Worcester Canal. River Severn. Droitwich Canals. Worcester & Birmingham Canal. Caunsall Bridge to Gloucester

As this post goes to press, it is exactly 7 years since we moved out of our house with no idea of what lay ahead. So far it's been an amazing journey of discovery and adventure and we are just as excited about the future now as we were then. Thank you, Dear Reader, for sharing it with us, we hope you'll do us the honour of staying for the next 7. D&AMxx

With Legend tucked up happily at Caunsall bridge, we had a walk up the nearby Clent hills which were awash with bluebells,

before once again abandoning our boat for a week in Ireland with Chloe, Shandy  and Caleb. As we had a late afternoon flight from Gatwick we braved the traffic and drove down early to have the day with Mum and Dad. Dad cooked a delicious spaghetti bolognaise for lunch before very kindly giving us a lift to the airport. Chloe came and picked us up from Belfast, on the way home she proudly announced that she’d made dinner for us; spaghetti bolognaise! Luckily we love the stuff so it was all good. Caleb seem…