Monday 21 June 2010

The Following Weekend

We’re moving into the van next weekend. That gives us the beginning of next week to either store, give away or bin everything that we don’t have room for, and clean through the house.

Easy peasy.

On Saturday we took our little Acadiane down to our friend’s house near Winchester. It went on an “A” frame behind the Kon-Tiki and was very well behaved indeed.
 On Saturday night we were at our friend Elaine’s 50th birthday party down near Portsmouth. It was fancy dress; the theme was “The Wizard or Oz” We assumed that there would be loads of scarecrows, lions, witches and tin men, so we went as the yellow brick road.

About 10 other people had the same idea; it ended up looking like a yellow brick interstate highway! Damn good party though.
We stayed the night in the car park then on Sunday met up with Ann-Marie’s parents, Carole and Peter and her Sister, Karen and Karen’s boyfriend, Andrew at the Liphook classic car show. Lots of shiny metal and interested huddles of people round open bonnets.
 Star of the show was a Stanley Steamer in full working order driving round the site. We had a lovely picnic in the sunshine then hurtled back to Lincolnshire just in time to order our meals at our last-but-one 2CV club meeting at the pub. There must be an alternative to all this manic tearing around the country at weekends. If only there was a way we could slow down a bit. Oh, there is!

Happy Birthday Elaine, and thank you both for a fab party!

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