Thursday 1 April 2010

April the first - I kid you not.

This is all getting rather spooky.

We said we'd probably put the house on the market some time around Valentine's Day 2010, and like clockwork, that's what happened. Since then, despite really trying not to have a plan, we've often found ourselves musing about possible scenarios. The most hopeful ones begin with "If we sell by the end of March....", and end "...but of course that's never going to happen."

You guessed it. Yesterday we accepted an offer.

What was that whooshing noise? That, Dear Reader, was the point of no return.

Dave and Ann-Marie are now desperately trying to avoid eye contact in an effort to cut down on all the inane giggling.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Glad we could help in emptying the garage a bit over the weekend...

Good luck with it all - and see you in a field (or a canal) somewhere.

Adrian & Ellie.

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