Tuesday 25 May 2010

Are we nearly there yet?

Please forgive the lack of blog over the last few weeks and, more than likely, over the next few. It’s not because nothing’s happening - quite the reverse – we’re full on house selling. Solicitors engaged, survey tomorrow, garage almost empty, furniture gone or going. We’ll try and keep you informed but entries might be a but minimalist for a while.

Unfortunately we’ve picked the busiest month in the farming year to do this, which means that Ann-Marie is doing two jobs at once, as well as writing instructions for her replacement. Dave is busy with the Kon-Tiki, we want to make sure that it’s as good as it can be before we give up the workshop. He took it for an MOT a month early – just as well – it needed new rear brake pipes and like everything else on a camper conversion they’re non-standard. It’s all done now though along with new wheel cylinders.

This all means that we’ve not had any spare time at all, especially as we steadfastly refuse to give up anything on our social calendar. Most normal people would make time for a dramatic life-altering episode. Us? Naa!  Last weekend we were at the Sherringham Beer Festival with Bourne Borderers. On Saturday we did three dance spots outside The Lobster Pot  pub, then went to Cromer and did two completely unauthorised spots on the pier. (Very anarchistic, just like morris dancing ought to be) A very nice official pointed out the error of our ways, but he let us finish, which was good of him. Then we retreated to our campsite   (which we can't recomend hightly enough, it's just idilic) and had a barbeque followed by an evening round a camp fire under a starry sky. Bliss

On Sunday we came back home and had another barby in the evening with our neighbours. The weather has been amazing for May. Fingers crossed it will stay good for the summer.

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