Sunday 16 May 2010

Here we go again

.What a week!

Dave did a car boot on Wednesday afternoon, it was quite successful, the garage is noticeable emptier and his wallet is £70 fatter. Hopefully we’ll get a couple more in before we go.

Talking of going... the VW people, Pete & Michelle, came round on Friday with their son Joe and Pete’s parents, by the time they went home they were picking out wallpaper & carpets! They put an offer in on Saturday so it’s all go again, maybe with an even shorter lead time this time. It really is like being on a roller coaster; last week we thought we’d be here till Christmas, now we might well be out by the end of June!

On Sunday we took the Berlingo and trailer to Chesterfield. Dave’s sister Anne is looking after all the stuff we want on the boat but can’t fit in the van and we had lots of bits from our garden for her allotment too. Anne doesn’t have a car but had several moving jobs that needed doing, so we spent the afternoon lifting and shifting everything from plant pots to washing machines. There’s probably still one more trip to do up there, but we think we’ll be able to combine that with our weekend at the Belper Music Festival.

We then did a mad dash back home just in time to swap cars and go to our monthly 2CV club meeting at the pub. It doesn’t seem five minutes since the last one!

We really like Pete & Michelle. They’ve got two VW campers and a pick-up, all of which have names and allocated spaces in our garage. They went round the house taking photos of all the rooms and discussing where their furniture will go, but we’re still trying very hard not to get excited; nothing is guaranteed. Tomorrow they’re getting a copy of the HIPS, filling out insurance forms and arranging a survey. Maybe a little excitement will creep in by next weekend.

Lists. Added 0. Ticked off 3. Just as well really, if it all goes to plan we won’t have time to do anything that isn’t already on a list

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Anne Frazer said...

Thansk so much for all your help guys. Really, really appreacite it!



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