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Are we nearly there yet?

Please forgive the lack of blog over the last few weeks and, more than likely, over the next few. It’s not because nothing’s happening - quite the reverse – we’re full on house selling. Solicitors engaged, survey tomorrow, garage almost empty, furniture gone or going. We’ll try and keep you informed but entries might be a but minimalist for a while.

Unfortunately we’ve picked the busiest month in the farming year to do this, which means that Ann-Marie is doing two jobs at once, as well as writing instructions for her replacement. Dave is busy with the Kon-Tiki, we want to make sure that it’s as good as it can be before we give up the workshop. He took it for an MOT a month early – just as well – it needed new rear brake pipes and like everything else on a camper conversion they’re non-standard. It’s all done now though along with new wheel cylinders.

This all means that we’ve not had any spare time at all, especially as we steadfastly refuse to give up anything on our social calendar. M…

Here we go again

.What a week!

Dave did a car boot on Wednesday afternoon, it was quite successful, the garage is noticeable emptier and his wallet is £70 fatter. Hopefully we’ll get a couple more in before we go.

Talking of going... the VW people, Pete & Michelle, came round on Friday with their son Joe and Pete’s parents, by the time they went home they were picking out wallpaper & carpets! They put an offer in on Saturday so it’s all go again, maybe with an even shorter lead time this time. It really is like being on a roller coaster; last week we thought we’d be here till Christmas, now we might well be out by the end of June!

On Sunday we took the Berlingo and trailer to Chesterfield. Dave’s sister Anne is looking after all the stuff we want on the boat but can’t fit in the van and we had lots of bits from our garden for her allotment too. Anne doesn’t have a car but had several moving jobs that needed doing, so we spent the afternoon lifting and shifting everything from plant pots to washin…

Bugs & Monkeys produce old grinder

We're not getting excited. Oh no. Not us. Nope.
We had two viewings this week. One was by a couple looking on behalf of their son who has at least two VW campers and needs somewhere to put them, and the other people drove all the way from the Isle of Wight to see our house! They all made all the right noises and the VW bloke is coming on Friday to look for himself. Time will tell, we’ve been here before.

Dave’ sister Anne is the family historian and has researched and produced a very thorough family tree. After reading last weeks entry she emailed to tell us that Dave’s (and hers – obviously) Great Great Grandfather used to be the miller at Tucks Mill near Upton-upon-Severn where we were last weekend. Anne has been to see it and took some photos. The mill-wheel ironwork is still intact. She said it was very strange to know that she was standing in exactly the same spot as William Wood, who begat Alfred, who begat Charlie, who begat Mary, who begat Anne. It's an odd feeling to know…

No bells or whistles

There's a very real danger of this turning into a Morris Dancing Blog, so to try and avoid that here's a bit without bells on.

Upton-upon-Severn is a delightful little market town, very much on the river with GRP river cruisers, narrowboats and wide beams moored on the bank. There are shops that remind you of your childhood and enough good-looking pubs to satisfy anyone. It was only on Saturday afternoon that we realised we’d been there before – probably eight or nine years ago we stopped off on the way home from a 2CVGB National Meeting in Worcester, as there was a boat festival on the August bank holiday weekend. Back then, as we looked at all the beautiful craft on the river we thought that boat living was just a pipe dream. Now, if you’ll pardon the pun, an awful lot of water has passed under the bridge and we’re well on the way to making it a reality.

Just a brief re-cap to let you know where we are. We’re both still working and will continue to do so until we find a buyer…

River Dancing

This week we can report some actual travelling! We've just come back from another terrific weekend. On Friday night Ann-Marie packed up the van and went to bed in it; the idea was that when Dave came home from work at 3am we'd go straight to Holme Fen so Ann-Marie could join Pig Dyke Molly for some May Day Dawn dancing. It's only an hour or so away, so we thought we'd get a couple of hours kip before the rest of the side turned up. But by the time Dave had got home, showered and changed and we'd managed to not find Holme Fen straight away we'd only got about half-an-hour before the sun and everyone else appeared.  It was wonderful morning, the music and the sunbeams filtered through the lazy mist in the trees while the dancers twirled around each other. Ann-Marie did loads of dancing and Dave was quite moved by the whole experience, but that could have been the lack of sleep and the cold!
Then, after a quick Bucks Fizz, or orange juice for drivers, the rest of P…