Wednesday 7 July 2010

To Wales in a van and don't forget your Nan.

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that it’s been an odd week since we moved out; we’re living in the van so it feels like we should be on holiday, but we’re still working, all-be-it for a short while. Very strange.

It’s been a good week though, Richard and Jill’s wedding was fantastic.
We started off in Wrexham Registry Office and ended up upstairs at the Bridge Inn at Llangollen. In keeping with the Wood party tradition it was very friendly, very loud and very informal, and it had all the usual “Doesn’t he look like…” and “last time I saw you, you… had hair / were this high / were drunk / made a pass at me". There were lots of Ausies there too; including two of Dave’s cousins that he’s never met before. We told them we’ll be coming over in November, so they’ll probably change all the locks when they get back. The entertainment for the evening was provided by ‘Sound of the Sirens’ (Guitar & vocals - 2nd cousin Hannah Wood, Manager & sound mixer - cousin John Wood,). They were stunning, naturally. It was great to see everyone at such a happy occasion and we’re really excited about our visit down under.

We took Dave’s sister Anne and her son Ben with us and they stayed in the west wing (ie. the make up bed at the back of the van) over night while we were parked outside cousin Phillipa’s house. We all piled into the house for breakfast and then made our way back to Lincolnshire via Chesterfield.

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful and traumatic things you can do. We wouldn’t know, we’ve never really done it properly. When we moved into number three we had a month’s overlap from the cottage we were renting and when we moved out we sold or gave away 90% of our stuff and drove off. We’ve quite enjoyed the whole thing. We particularly enjoyed Sunday night; we went out for an Indian with our neighbours (ex neighbours), John, Jenny, Adam, Jim & Cathy, and their new neighbours Pete, Michelle & Joe.
 It was a smashing farewell do and it confirmed what we’ve know all along; we sold No3 to the right people. Thank you guys for everything and we hope you have as happy a time together as we had.

There are still 5 ½ things on the last list, but Dave’s new hobby seems to be ‘reading a book on a sun-lounger’. Hmmm.

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Glen said...

Yeah, we went back for tea to the new home last night, very tidy!! Well done guys, see you at Ely.

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