Thursday 15 July 2010

9th Wedding Anniversary

Apparently we’re financially inactive. We don’t know who came up with that one.

Last weekend we were in Ely, one of our favourite places.
Not just because of the folk festival, although that was brilliant, but because we feel at home there. Ely manages to mix the grandeur of a Cathedral City with the homeliness of a busy market town and then chucks in an idyllic waterfront for good measure. We had a fantastic time at the festival, all our favourites were there; Harvey Andrews, Les Barker, Colvin Quarmby, The Oysterband and The Woodshed Band. We were surrounded by our bestest friends all weekend and they made us feel really special.

We took Ann-Marie’s car with us to Ely; the chap who was buying it came up from Kent on the train and we did the deal in Tesco’s car park.  Don’t tell them; they’ll want commission.
We went to have a chat with the bank about investments on Monday morning; thank you Kevin, you understood what we wanted and were most helpful. We took the laptop into town and had a go at getting connected in Starbucks. After a couple of false starts we got it sorted so we know we’ll be online a couple of times a week at the very least. We had a wander down to the river and got our narrowboat fix then came back to the camp site in the afternoon. On the way home we stopped at Salter’s Lode to have a look at the lock.
This is where the Middle Level joins the tidal Great Ouse, half a mile upstream is Denver Sluice where the Great Ouse becomes non-tidal. We’ll be going through here to get from the canals to Ely, Cambridge and Bedford when we come this way again.

When we got back we had dinner and Ann-Marie went off to a Pig Dyke practice in the evening.  Inactive? We don’t think so.

Last night we went to say goodbye to our friend Keef, tonight we’re off to our last Bourne Borderers do, tomorrow night is Ann-Marie’s leaving party from work, then on Friday we pull pins and head off up to Yorkshire for the weekend before… well, we’ll tell you all about it as we go.

Inactive? Hardly.

Lists. Well, we’d still like to paint the mirror arms, but that’s about…oh, and the cupboard doors all want new handles and vents, but otherwise….. oh, and we want to turn the hob round and put some edging round the floor, but apart from that….

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