Thursday, 11 February 2010

Logic Problem

Dave & Ann-Marie are selling their house. They arrange for four Estate Agents to come and value it. Use the clues to find out when the Agents came, what colour their Blackberry was and how much they thought the house was worth.
  •  Mr Green came the day after the Agent with the white phone, and two days before Ms Black.
  • The Agent with the green phone suggested £120,000.
  • The Agent who suggested £170,000 arrived on Thursday.
  • Mr White arrived on Monday but his phone was not brown.
  • The lowest quote was not given on Tuesday.
  • Mr Brown had a green phone and suggested £20,000 less than the Agent who arrived on Wednesday.
Once you have worked out who came when with what, you will realise - as we did - that no one has a clue when it comes to house prices!

Our House

We're going to miss it.

Today the Matiz is in for an MOT, the Panda's wheel bearing is getting deafening and last night the exhaust fell off the Berlingo...

... This we will not miss.

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