Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Cat Came Back

Wasn't that a 70s cartoon/song thing? The Swiss cheese in my head has little flashes of a small cartoon cat in a house on a hill ripping the stuffing out of a sofa.  I digress.

Much to everyone's delight and relief (and, if I'm honest, surprise!) Bailey has returned. Or to be more precise, has been returned. Ann-Marie's tear ducts have had the sort of work out that soap opera starlets dream of.  Her Mum, as well as posting flyers all around the neighbourhood, had the brilliant idea of putting a "Lost Cat" notice in her car with his picture on it. Someone recognised him and he's now re-united with his food bowl. No doubt he'll spend the next few days telling everyone about his adventures as loudly as he can, and no doubt it will be interpreted, along with everything else he's ever said, as "Feed Me"

The world is certainly a happier place when you know there's a cat in it, especially when he's everyone’s best mate.

Welcome back Bailey

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1 comment:

Anne Frazer said...

Very impressed with the link to 'The Cat Came Back' what a shame we are no longer treated to one off animation shorts like this.

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