Sunday 7 February 2010

For what it's worth.

And so it begins …

Last week we had our house valued; a host of Estate Agents trooped up and down the stairs, got their shoes muddy up the garden and promised they have books heaving with potential buyers desperate to buy our house. It was hard to choose between them but we had to pick one, a friend's recommendation was the decider in the end.

This weekend we took our cats to their new home with Ann-Marie’s parents. Hard as it was to say ‘goodbye’ to them, the 3 hour car journey proved life in a camper van would not be to their taste and that we’d made the right decision.

It’s rather spooky that about five years ago, when we rekindled our dream of early retirement and life as water gypsies, we picked Valentines Day 2010 as the date we’d put the house on the market, an unimaginable date in the future at the time, yet here we are almost to the day, the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up on Friday!


Glen said...

Course you are mad as snakes but how fantastic to follow your dream!! Fingers crossed for a quick sale, then we will sell up and come too! Hugs, Glen, Steve and Holly xxx

Sadie said...

Well done and best of luck with house sale (sale)!
I've never had anything to do with this blogging lark but think it a great idea as I can keep up with you via various libraries I visit along the canal.
Look forward to more news.
xxx Sadie

Unknown said...

Well you said you would do it, and now the day has arrived, well done and good luck.

DAve & Sandra

Unknown said...

We wish you both all the very best on your wonderful adventure.


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