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Waverton to Ellesmere Port. Shropshire Union Canal.

Getting to the Marathon to see Chloe run did not go to plan. First, the train we were going to catch from Karen’s left the station just as we got there so we were an hour later than we wanted to be. Then, because of the mass of people around Canary Wharf, we couldn’t get to the 18 mile mark where we’d agreed to be standing and waving, along with most of Chloe’s other relatives, and ended up at about 18½. However, rather than fate plotting against us, it seemed that our dear friend Karma was at work, once again nudging good fortune into our path. Chloe had a transponder so we could track her progress every 5km and we knew when she ought to be near. After 20 minutes of leaning over the barrier desperately scanning the endless stream of runners coming towards us we were all mesmerised and about ready to give up and accept the fact that we’d missed her. Then Dave suddenly yelled out “Chloe!!” And there she was right in front of us!
There were hugs and tears all round and then she was off…

Hall Green to Barbridge Junction. Trent and Mersey Canal, Wardle Canal, Shropshire union Canal

It’s all nodding daffodils, gambolling lambs and bloody stupid suicidal ducklings here on the cut, but more of that later.
France was good; lovely and sunny. Good things are happening in Chatanet. Frankie and Harry’s new dog, Iggy, is gorgeous and settling in to his home.
Paul and Harry have concreted the floors and put doors on the barns to create an enviable workshop and spray booth where, as 2CVtech,   they are building virtually new Citroen 2CVs. 

Dave was rather impressed and couldn’t resist getting stuck in with rubbing down and spannering.
We got invited to an evening at one of their neighbour’s houses, which is a weekly thing where both French and English get together and everybody brings some food and something to drink and tries to improve their language skills. Ann-Marie made a plate of cheesy scones. (The word “Scone” doesn’t sound all that glamorous when you’re offering one to a French person.) She then found herself telling everyone our life story, using mostly body la…