Tuesday 8 March 2011

To South Queensland and Beyond

We had 3 totally chilled days with Mary, Steve, Jazz, Zach & Teag. Even though the weather wasn’t perfect, they showed us round Hervey Bay and River Heads; the rest of the time was spent chatting and eating. Such a hardship. Not.
These two lovely dogs live there as well.
Perfect boat dog. If we were going to have one. Which we’re not. And he wouldn’t fit in our luggage anyway.

Hervey Bay is most well known as the place to get a ferry to Frazer Island, but it’s also got this.
This Jetty used to be a lot longer and had a rail track running all the way down it. It was used for loading sugar cane and coal onto boats right up till 1985 and was going to be dismantled till the local people petitioned and got a preservation order on it.

It’s also got the Boat Club where we all went for lunch on Sunday; they do enormous burgers and endless free coffee and hot chocolate. Yum!

Sadly on Monday, after lots of hugs and kisses we had to leave. Northbound on Highway 1 again - here it’s called the Bruce Highway – we stopped at Tom Haigh’s dam and reservoir for a cuppa and spotted these two little fellas.
We also found an Aussie canal.
Not really, it’s a run-off channel from the dam so no water and no boats, but it still made us wistful. We fly out of Darwin on the 31st of March. Not that long really; Dave’s started looking on the web at boats again. This one ticks all our boxes.

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