Friday 11 March 2011

Decisions, decisions.

This week has been a lot of driving.
Highway 1 has very nice rest areas at regular intervals just off the main drag that you can stop in for 20 – 48 hours for free, so for three days we’ve been overnighting in them and stopping for lunch somewhere nice in-between. Here’s some nice pictures of what we’ve seen.

At the moment we’re in paradise. We’re at the beautiful Broken River Mountain Resort in the middle of the rainforest in Eungella National Park.
The very helpful lady in the Visitor Information office in Mackay told us they were doing half price deals, so we headed east and for $60 we’ve got a fab cabin with all the goodies and a veranda. It is officially the best platypus spotting place on the planet and we’ve seen some about 100m from our room.
We’ve been for a guided night-time rainforest walk, been swimming in a waterfall,
and everything should be perfect......

However, we have a dilemma. North of Mackay the road to Cairns is closed at Townsville due to flooding. We’ve got two choices; either we wait it out and hope that it’s opened again in time, or we go back to Brisbane, hand the van back in and fly to Alice Springs from there. Obviously we’d rather stick to the plan, but it doesn’t look very promising. The road at Ingham has more than a metre of water over it and has been undermined; it’s not going to be passable anytime soon. Our point of no return is next Tuesday, we reckon if we share the driving and have structured breaks we can get back to Brisbane in three days. We’ve emailed Maui to see if they’ve got any ideas, but at the end of the day we think it’s going to be our decision.

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