Tuesday 5 October 2010

Still Waiting

Well it’s now Tuesday and our radiator still hasn’t turned up. What has happened is that we’ve got a tracking number so we can go and have a look on line and find out where it is. Last Thursday it went from Teeside, where it was scanned by Steve, to Birmingham where Carl zapped it. Then there was a four day gap before it turned up again. Currently it’s in France. Brilliant!

The latest estimate we can get for delivery is Friday, so we’ve decide to chill out about it, stop staring forlornly up the drive and go and do some sightseeing. We’re right next to the Canal de deux Mers, part of the Canal du Midi, so we’re going to go to Moissac and have a wander down it tomorrow.

Jacqui and Ali’s van has arrived with two new tyres and a brand new Control sticker! He’s called Bob. Here are some pictures of the happy couple.

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