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North Oxford Canal. Hillmorton to Hawkesbury Junction.

Our first mooring of 2017 was one of our favourites. We refer to it as All Oaks Corner because it‘s next to All Oaks Wood near Brinklow.  Frosty Boating from Hillmorton to All Oaks Corner
Chilly Day at All Oaks Corner.
Last time we were there, the ewes in the field on the other side of the cut had just given birth and we watched the new lambs gambolling down to the canal for a drink. This time when we looked out of the window the sheep looking back were way past their gambolling days and just looked cold and miserable. The day after we arrived the canal froze over and remained frozen for most of our stay. Sunset at All Oaks Corner
When we walked back for the car, instead of following the towpath we cut across the fields back to Newbold. If we’d got up a bit earlier and got out before the sun had time to defrost the mud it would have been lovely. Well it was still lovely, but in a very muddy kind of way.  On the plus side there was a fallen ash tree in the field alongside our mooring…

River Lea. Limehouse Cut. Regents Canal. Paddington Arm. Grand Union Canal. Leicester Line.North Oxford Canal. Dob's Weir to Hillmorton.

Happy New Year one and all!
Our New Year Resolution is to resurrect this blog after four months of nothingness during which you, Dear Reader, have been rudely forsaken with not a clue to our whereabouts or what jolly things we have been up to. Some of these we'll expand upon in due course, but for now here's a brief synopsis of the our travels to date.
We retraced our steps back down the Lee and through London, this time via Bow and Limehouse Basin.

The slide in the Noodle. We went down that! 
The East End from the top of the Noodle. 
Pea Soup at Bow.
Bow Locks. 
They named a bridge after us. 
Legend in Limehouse.

Thames Sailing Barges in West India Dock
After not very much deliberation at all we decided not go down to Brentford on the tidal Thames... A proper River Boat leaving Limehouse.
...but instead to go back to Little Venice and the Paddington arm before heading up the GU towards the Midlands. As summer turned to autumn we wound our way northward... A lovely welcome to Berko…