Monday 4 March 2013

Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Whittle-le-Woods

Our good friend Karma has been smiling at us again and has put us in a terrific walking area just as it has become dry enough to get out there and enjoy it. Whilst this fabulous weather continues we’re determined to get our boots on every day and make the most of it. So far this week we’ve totted up about 45 miles, several of which have been of the up-and-down variety; bit of a shock for a couple of tow-path dwellers. Still, we don’t seem to have suffered any permanent damage – quite the reverse in fact - and we thought it would be nice to share with you, Dear Reader, some of the beautiful Lancashire scenery that we’ve had to put up with.
Good news on the gennie front; it’s on its way back with assurances from Genpower’s General Manager, no less, that all is now well, and that it will give us years of trouble free service. If that turns out to be the case we’ll be chuffed to little mint balls.

We’re going to start putting post codes on the blog entries so you can see where we are on Google Earth or, more precisely, you can see what where we are looked like four years ago.

Legend is at Whittle Springs PR6 8AB

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James said...

Helpful idea with the postcodes, may well copy :-)

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