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Oxford Canal. Nells Bridge to Upper Heyford.

Beautiful though it was, we pulled the pins from Nells Bridge on Bank Holiday Monday and made our way to Upper Heyford, which, it turns out, is just as lovely, if not more so.
Dave’s daughter Frankie has been staying with us on the boat over the bank holiday; Harry has been mechanic-ing at the 2CV 24hr endurance race at Snetterton, and it’s been wonderful having her aboard.
We stopped at Aynho Wharf for water and just happened to find a group of our mates having their lunch at the pub. It wasn’t quite the coincidence it sounds like; they’d been at the 2CVGB National at Whitney and we’d arranged to have them as crew for a day. Coops, Carole, Autumn, Tristan and Nikki squeezed in, making a crew of 8!

Our trip rook us through Sommerton Deep lock which, as its name implies, is, er, deep. 12’ deep to be exact. Locks are usualy 6 or 7’ ish; this is like something out of Mordor!
You go down and down and then down some more. The bottom gate is huge and it took all our crew to open it. Nikki and …

Oxford Canal. Nells Bridge

We moved on from Cropredy, had a couple of nights Banbury town centre, left Kim and Luke boat-sitting while we went to Frankie’s for her birthday and are now at Nell’s Bridge, just north of Aynho.
This is the view.
The M40 is just over there; we can hear it but it's not too bad. There’s a rare breed pig farm on the other side of the cut that sells eggs and sausages – we might be here for a while. There’s also a big secluded layby next to the bridge where we’ve parked our car and Ken the campervan, which we thought we’d sold but haven’t. We’re busy doing a tidy-up job on him and the layby is perfect.
Aboard Legend we now have these
And these
The idea behind the solar panels being on a box lid is that they can tilt in any direction to make the most of the sun and still be locked to the box, which in turn is bolted to the roof. It’s a work in progress at the moment, but it does look good and has interested several other boaters.
When we moved from Banbury, Dave’s sister Anne came to st…

Oxford Canal. Cropredy.

France was a hoot! There were over 7,000 cars at the meeting with all the associated chaos that you’d expect. On Sunday we moved Legend down to the 48hr moorings opposite Cropredy Coal Wharf so it was easy for Dad and the kids to come on board and get settled in. We did a final run-through of all the systems then, as there are only 4 beds in the boat, went and slept in Poubelle in the car park. On Monday we came back to the boat and crewed while Dad steered through Cropredy and, after finding a wasp’s nest in the bank at the first place we tried, hastily moved on a bit and pinned on the 14 day moorings. That way they were only a short walk from their car and could either stay put for a week or go further down the cut towards Banbury. At about 11am we said goodbye to our family and our home and headed off to Dover, Dunkerque and beyond.

Reversing the route we’d taken in Ken when we left France in December, we stopped for the night in a picnic area near Rouen, then on Tuesday had an ear…