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Oxford. Claydon

We would say that life has returned to normal since the wedding, but as we’re still finding out what normal consists of we’re not sure if it has.

We’re off to France in a week. While we’re away Ann-Marie’s parents are going to stay on the boat for a week with Lauren & Ben so we’ve been trying to get all the outstanding jobs done. Dave has been super busy; the engine vent is on and working,
the new sideboard is nearly finished,
the side doors are lined inside
and filled and sanded down outside, there’s black undercoat on the whole front end,
the bilge has been cleaned out, the weed hatch has been opened up, painted and re-sealed and he’s had the side cover off the engine, made a Weetabix gasket for it
and stopped it leaking oil. Ann-Marie’s been just as busy turning one pair of big curtains from a charity shop into four pairs of boat curtains.

After lots of discussion, several sketches and a blazing row, we finally decided on a paint scheme. Something like this,
but with cream instead of w…

Oxford. Fenny Compton to Claydon.

The weekend after the Hen Party was 2CVGB’s Registers Day. This is the one day each year that our funky, eccentric, great bunch of super-laid-back mates act like a real car club and line all the various marques up in a field and award prizes.
Of course there’s also a weekend camp surrounding the day itself, with all the compulsory drinking, laughing and general mucking about. Dave got involved with not one, but two clutch changes. In a place where an open bonnet draws a crowd, two guys stripping the front end of a car and then dumping the engine on the tarmac was quite an attraction.

Half way through the week our 14 days were up at Fenny Co mpton so we moved further along the summit, through the tunnel (which isn’t a tunnel anymore, just a very narrow cutting)

to a really quiet spot just before Claydon locks. The towpath is back on the left now so we can get to work on the side doors and put the new vent in the engine room. Inside, the cupboard in the saloon, which we’re calling a sideb…

Grand Union and Oxford. Shuckborough to Fenny Compton

It’s been a busy week. We’d planned to leave Shuckborough on Monday morning, but by the time we’d sorted ourselves out and had another last cup of tea with John and Jac it was the middle of the afternoon. We finally set off with our friends in our wake and pootled as far as Napton, where we moored for the night just before the bottom lock.
Now, pay attention, this bit is complicated. In the morning we hitched a lift on John & Jac’s boat back to Wigram’s turn, said a fond farewell, and walked back to Shuckborough to collect the van. We drove the van to the bridge at Marston Doles then walked back across country to Napton, which took longer than we’d expected due to there not being any footpath signs, or for that matter, any signs of a footpath. After a bite to eat and a brew we pulled the pins and set off up Napton locks to Marston Doles where we re-united Legend with Poubelle.
Pretty good for one day.

We’d chosen Marston Doles as it’s only a 10 minute drive into Southam where Ann-Ma…