Monday 18 July 2011

Oxford. Claydon

We would say that life has returned to normal since the wedding, but as we’re still finding out what normal consists of we’re not sure if it has.

We’re off to France in a week. While we’re away Ann-Marie’s parents are going to stay on the boat for a week with Lauren & Ben so we’ve been trying to get all the outstanding jobs done. Dave has been super busy; the engine vent is on and working,
the new sideboard is nearly finished,
the side doors are lined inside
and filled and sanded down outside, there’s black undercoat on the whole front end,
the bilge has been cleaned out, the weed hatch has been opened up, painted and re-sealed and he’s had the side cover off the engine, made a Weetabix gasket for it
and stopped it leaking oil. Ann-Marie’s been just as busy turning one pair of big curtains from a charity shop into four pairs of boat curtains.

After lots of discussion, several sketches and a blazing row, we finally decided on a paint scheme. Something like this,
but with cream instead of white. Very FMC. We went over to Midland Chandlers at Braunston and spent £120 on paint; the sad part is that we’ll probably need about twice that much by the time we’ve finished but there’s no point getting it all at once, it’s going to be a good six months before we need any more. While we were there we just happened to bump into John and Jac who were moored there while they picked up their new cooker. They've got their new engine in, and lovely it is too - so quiet! While they were in dry dock they had the bottom blacked; it's all very exciting! they gave us and our paint a lift back to the car park. We love this canal life, there’s always time and an excuse for a cup of tea.

Something else we’ve decided is that we’re going to get a pair of folding bikes. Having the bike rack on the back of the boat is not ideal; it’s a real pain getting them on and off and they’re vulnerable stuck out there. We’ve scraped them on a couple of lock walls and Dave’s bike has a buckled wheel from an over excited hire boater hitting it. The new bikes (when we get them) are going in a new roof box (when we’ve made it) so they’ll stay safe and out of the weather. We’re going for aluminium which will mean they’re not only easier to ride but also easier to get on and off the boat. Click here and here for the sort of thing we're looking at.

Oh look, something else on the list.

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