Tuesday 30 November 2010

We're getting fitter, and the van could do with one too.

On Tuesday morning, full of fresh croissants and tea, and after turning the air blower bit of the heating system into an impromptu hair-dryer, (we’ll remember that one for the boat!) we set out on foot for Saubusse; 5kms away on the River Adour with a bridge over it. We’ve adopted a sort of routine until the van’s working properly again; instead of driving around looking at things, we’re doing the least mileage possible and walking or cycling to something nearby that looks interesting. Good for us, good for the van and good for the planet. It would be very much in our own interests if we can continue to follow the same path when everything is fixed. It will certainly be our way of life on the boat whenever possible. Easy to say on a beautiful Autumn morning, kicking through leaves with rosy cheeks and the sun shining; whether we can drag ourselves away from the log burner and a trashy novel when it’s grey, wet and windy outside is something we’ll have to find out!

Saubusse looked very promising on the map and it didn't disappoint when we got there. The river was big and wide with some little boats tied up to the bank and the bridge was a big stone affair.
We found a bar where we got a coffee, there was rugby on the telly and a little row of model Citroen H Vans on a shelf behind the bar. All very satisfying. Back in the van we set off towards Dax and a Mc-wifi. It’s nice to be back in France with easy free internet.

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