Saturday 20 March 2010

Sun & Daughter

You may or may not have noticed but we have settled into a routine of blogging on Sunday nights, this week we’re writing on Saturday because tomorrow we’ll be in Cyprus! We are going to see Chloe, Dave’s eldest daughter, for her birthday. She ‘Passed Out’ from RAF basic training just over a year ago and her first posting was Akrotiri in Cyprus. At the moment it’s about 10 degrees and raining outside so we’re looking forward to a spot of sunshine in the Med. No doubt there will be the odd photo or two next week.

As for things at home, Dave is still busy getting the 2CV on the road and Ann-Marie’s week has been spent packing and getting ready for the holiday. We have left the keys with the estate agents in the hope that the recent sunshine may entice a viewing while we’re away.

The Matiz was sold on E-bay, however, for one reason or another we are going to have to relist it, this time with ‘Spares or Repair’ and ‘Lincolnshire’ translated into as many different languages as possible.

We’re at Ann-Marie’s parents this evening as it’s just a short hop to Gatwick in the morning. We’re looking forward to going out for a family meal later, the perfect start to any holiday. It’s been great to see Digs and Bailey again too, they are really happy and settled now and they have been out and come back in on their own without getting lost.

As for lists – who cares, we’re on holiday!

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