Tuesday 6 April 2010

It's cheaper by the yard.

As you can imagine life has got a trifle hectic since Wednesday, the couple that our buying our house are cash buyers and want to move in under 8 weeks so the pressure is on.

We’d planned a yard sale for Easter Sunday so it was handy that there was a 2CV Easter rally at a pub just a few miles away, not only could we have a great weekend camping with friends but they also came along and rummaged through the garage thinning it out considerably.

On Saturday we popped home from the camp, Dave and a couple of mates spent the day clearing the garage and spreading stuff out on tables while Ann-Marie went dancing in Downham Market with Pig Dyke Molly.

Home again on Sunday, feeling like yo-yo’s, we laid out all the household stuff that won’t fit on the boat. Our neighbours joined in too so it was like a mini car boot sale with a steady trickle of punters from 9 till 4. We were really pleased with the amount we sold, including most of the furniture in the house (looks like we’ll be sleeping on airbeds in a couple of weeks then!). Thank you to everyone who helped, we could never have done it without you, and thank you to everyone who came along and bought all our stuff, we had a great day and we hope you did too. If anyone has any photos could you please let us know, we were a bit busy! There are still enough tools and household items to do a car boot or two, anything left over will go to charity shops or jumble sales.

The people that are buying our house are just the sort of people we want to sell it to. We’ve loved our time here, building our world within this little community, and we get the feeling that they’ll fit in and be happy here too. They get it. They can see the effort that has gone into creating what we have here; the workshop, veg beds, fruit beds, ponds and gardens, and we know that they’ll carry on using it as we intended it to be used.

Would we have sold it to people we didn’t like? We’d like to think not, but there is a clause in every estate agent contract that says the seller can’t refuse a reasonable offer. Thankfully they’re lovely and we don’t have to answer the question.

A lot of things got added to our lists this week, and only a few got ticked off. To be honest we have no idea where we are and we really need to start a new list. Our heads are spinning. Everything from mail redirection to the logistics of getting the stuff that we’re keeping to the people that are keeping it for us, to deciding which way we’re going to stay connected. It’s a bit like juggling custard.

Right, we must get on.

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