Sunday 11 April 2010

Forms, Floors & Fifties

This week Ann-Marie is driving round with a big grin ‘cos she’s back in a 2CV. Yes, the blue one – “Blue” - passed his MOT like a good little soldier, now she’s just got to get used to not having power steering or servo brakes again!

Dave’s attention has been transfered to the Kon-tiki; the horrible old brown shag-pile has bitten the dust (lots of dust!) and we’ve got some lovely new lino to fit instead. There’s a new awning on the side, and the bed over the cab now lifts up and stows for travelling, which means we can leave it made up and it gives us a lot more headroom.

The postie lady brought a wad of forms from our solicitors for us (ie. Ann-Marie) to fill in. There is an endless string of questions about what we are leaving in the house. Who the heck takes window handles with them?

At the weekend we went to Dave’s cousin’s 50th birthday party. It was in Exeter and due to us chatting and not paying proper attention we went the pretty way, the very pretty way! We got back this afternoon in record time after a four and a half blast up the motorway. We’re looking forward to a time when we can take a week to get from one part of the country to the other without touching a motorway. It was a fantasic party, and despite us thinning out early we had a great night. We love being part of such a brilliant family.

Of course being lightweights meant that this moning we were up and wide awake long before the people who went to bed at six, so we went for a walk around the Canal Baisin at the end of the Exeter Ship Canal. Exeter flourished through the woollen trade and the wharfs and warehouses round the baisin were the centre of commerce at one time. There was a lot of activity there this morning too, It was a beautiful sunny morning wtith spring flowers out all over the place. People were rowing, running, cycling and walking dogs every where we looked. Roll on Summer!

Happy Birthday for Wednesday Linda

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