Friday 26 March 2010

Postcard from Cyprus

Dear All, hello from sunny Cyprus!

Right now we are sitting in Chloe's living room, It's about 19 degrees outside, the chillietst day of the week!
This week's diary: Sunday - really good flight, pilot did a stand-up turn then caught up 20 minutes flying time. Booked into hotel at Lemesos then had a fantastic pizza 'cos we'd missed dinner.

Monday - Walked along the prom at Lemesos, saw an octopus swimming under the jetty, went to Pissouri and went swimming in the sea (well one of us did!) Got sunburt then lost the plot in Carrefore before going back to the hotel for dinner.

Tuesday - Went to the Germasogeia dam, which is a nature reserve and very peaceful, then up the Troodos Mountain. We found a 9km nature trail that we thought was within our capabilities. It was - just - but then we found it was another 3km down the road back to the car park. We slept well that night.

Wednesday - Had a terrific morning at Governor's Beach - lots of little sandy coves, crystal clear water, big underwater rocks covered in feathery seaweed. We swam and snorkled, even though the water isn't really warm enough yet. Went back for a dip in the hotel pool, then out to Akrotiri for a meal with Chloe. Mezze. Yum!

Thursday - Drove along the coast road to pafos, then over to Polis and had a look at the "Baths of Aphrodite" which is a cave with a rock pool in front of it. Then we took our hired Renault Clio off-roading across the penninsula and back down to the turtle egg-laying beach at Lara. We had an ice-cream and watched the sun set in Pafos before heading back.

Friday - A day of ancient culture. Went to the sanctuay of Aphrodite at Kouklia, then to Petra Tou Romiou, which is Aphrodite's birth place, then lastly to the Temple of Apollo Ylatis before heading to Kourion beach.

We met Chloe at the Blue Beach Cafe, which is about a dozen steps from the sea and serves the best seafood salad ever!

This afternoon we've had a tour of the base with Chloe and tomorrow we plan to visit the Turkish occupied part of the island. We'll tell you all about that next time.

Wish you were here, love D&AMx

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