Sunday 14 March 2010

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

The people who came to view last week decided the garden’s the wrong shape for what they want to do with it, but the feedback from the estate agent was that they liked the house and there’s nothing we need to change.

We’ve both been busier at work now that spring is here. Dave brings in cut flowers from Holland; Mother’s Day makes this their busiest week, 17 trailers a night as opposed to the usual 5. As for Ann-Marie, the new lettuce season is getting underway; the field teams have started planting so she is busy helping to get the new payroll system up and running.

On the payroll subject, our numbers finally came up on the Freshlinc pay lottery; Dave got his 36 hours that have been missing since Christmas, yippee! However ...

As part of our seemingly endless vehicle saga, Dave returned to the Kontiki to find a lump of wood sticking out of the wheel arch, attached to the tyre by a 2” nail. A trip to the tyre place on the way home means it’s all patched up but his pocket money took a hit, another ten quid into the black hole, easy come easy go.

A friend of ours joined the over 50’s club on Tuesday, to celebrate she had a ceilidh on Saturday night with performances from her singing group and the dance sides that she and Ann-Marie are both members of: Slapdash Appalachian and Bourne Borderers. It was a brilliant evening, and involved 4 costume changes for some, one of which was for a special dance done in wellies and raincoats – fab!

We had friends stay over Saturday night; they are in the process of buying a house so we had lots to chat about and had a fairly lazy Sunday morning. In the afternoon we made up for it by clearing out the kitchen cupboards, how many bun trays does one girl need? There’s now a whole stack of stuff in the caravan waiting for the garage sale at Easter.

This week’s numbers: Added to lists = 1, ticked off = 3, definately winning.

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