Sunday 14 February 2010

Firkin Freezin

We took our new home for a trial run this weekend, and what  better place to go than a pub campsite in the High Peak - especially when the pub is full of your mates.  Here is our Kontiki camper at the top of the Cat & Fiddle road.

Firkin Freezin is an annual 2CVGB camp organised by the 'Derbyshire Firkin Flyers'. Taking a camper van with heating and hot water on tap was very cosy but we felt like we were cheating. We have served our time under frozen canvas though so we didn't feel guilty for too long!

For those new to us, a love of the Citroen 2CV is what brought us together, membership of the owner's club, 2CVGB, has been a part of our lives for the past 20 years and has given us many good friends across the country.

We took a short, frosty walk in the sunshine on Sunday morning,
something we hope to be doing a lot more of in the months to come, and not just on Sundays! The scenery was breathtaking with snowy peaks and a beautiful blue sky.  Our Fenland legs aren't used to such gradients but we took them in our stride and came back feeling exhilarated.

On the way home we popped in to see the newest member of the family, welcome to the world Leila Grace, you are adorable!


JJ said...

Ah, Firkin Freezing ... that brings back a few memories!

Unknown said...

It gets cold enough round the Cat & Fiddle when it is windy in the summer - Firkin Freezin is about right!

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