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Grand Union Canal. Market Harborough to Weedon.

The visitor moorings next to Union Wharf at Market Harborough was about as close as we could get Legend to a marina without actually being in one. The perfect place to leave it while we went away for a week.
A couple of days before we left, we had a very surreal trip to Kettering services on the A14 to collect Chloe. We pulled in and parked up. After ten minutes two BMWs arrived and parked next to us. We ran over, grabbed Chloe from the back of one of them, threw a blanket over her head and bundled her into our car before speeding off. Ok, we didn’t do that, but we thought about it. What actually happened was that Paul & Janice and Jon & Jo and their kids, along with Chloe, were on their way from Granny and Grandad’s house in Stowmarket, to Jon & Jo’s house in Matlock and we’d arranged to meet them and tranship Chloe. We all trooped into the forecourt shop, then after a quick chat and a cuppa went our separate ways. It was a brief encounter but good to see everyone, espec…