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River Nene. Dog in a Doublet to Irthingborough.

While we were at Dog in a Doublet, Diane came to see us for the afternoon and invited us to her house for dinner, where we met her husband Richard. After a very good meal we had a game of crib, an unusual treat for us - not many of our friends are conversant with the 'fifteen two - fifteen four and one for his knob' rigmarole that surrounds this terrific game.

The next day was the start of our trip back up the beautiful Nene.
The short hop to Peterborough embankment was full of interest with a kestrel, a harrier, little grebes, and a big flock of starlings as well as all the swans that we'd herded down to the lock the day before.
We arrived to find that the fair was in town and the embankment was  chock-a-block with big rides and caravans, however they were still setting up and it wasn't due to kick off till the following evening. Phew!
Mandy and Chas came over for dinner, lovely people and always the perfect guests, then in the morning we moved on to the Boathouse by …

Middle Level Navigation, River Nene. Salter's Lode to Dog-in-a-Doublet.

Our first full day back on the Middle Level started with breakfast with Anne before she disappeared, followed by a roof garden re-assemble. Not everything went back up though; we still had a few low bridges to navigate and didn’t want to risk scraping the big box, so we left it folded flat and the bikes stayed in the well deck.
In the evening we went to Little Acre for Holly’s leaving-for-Uni party. It was lovely to be back at Little Acre, We’ve been pet sitting there and since we’ve been travelling we’ve spent more time there than anywhere else.
The next day Kim, Luke and George came to stay.  We boated up to Outwell... ...then had a drive over to one of our old haunts – Baytrees Garden Centre near Spalding – where there were lots of animals and some slides which kept George happy while we wandered round looking at all the weird tat.
Sunday was another bright, clear day and we moved on to March, passing through Marmont Priory lock where Maureen, the lock keeper, thought that George…