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Old West River. River Great Ouse. Earith to Salter's Lode.

It was raining when we left the EA floating pontoon at Earith and headed down the tidal section to Hermatage Lock. The only lull in the rain came while Legend was actually in the lock and sheltered by the bridge, but at least the lock keeper stayed dry. There was a short stay mooring just after the lock, so we stopped and waited for the rain to abate a bit before carrying on to the lovely GOBA mooring at Aldreth. As soon as we got tied up, we lit the fire, put some beetroot on top of it, some potatoes in it, and were soon feeling a lot drier and warmer. Dave opened up the weed hatch to clear the prop and found all these little chaps sheltering under the back deck.
The next day was altogether better; there was washing, logging, beading and carving. We now have seem to have a family of Borrowers on the roof.
We left Aldreth and had a beautiful sunny day boating down the Old West River.
The water levels seemed a bit low, but we had no problem mooring at the Lazy Otter; there was only one…

River Great Ouse. Godmanchester to Earith.

Hoping for a mooring, we moved the car to the common which lies between the Ferryboat Inn and the river in the lovely medieval ring village of Holywell. All the available mooring spaces were occupied, but as we weren’t coming back for a couple of days there was a good chance it could all change.
In the morning, as we approached Hemingford, we spotted two woodpeckers sitting on the fence – what a treat! To be fair, the woodpeckers were already spotted (to a greater or lesser extent) before we got there, so we really can’t take all the credit, but we did see them.
We crawled down the river towards St Ives, looking for the upstream entrance to the Wakes. We did find it, but it had obviously been unnavigable for a while, all overgrown, weedy and hardly visible. That meant that if we went in from the other end we’d have to back out, so instead we carried on to the Dolphin. We did a reasonable reverse into the arm and tied up on the pub side. A little while later a boat moved off from th…