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Middle Level Navigation. Benwick to Salter's Lode

We can't get enough of these Fenland Skies!

Our second failed attempt at navigating to Holme Fen resulted in an unexpected night at Benwick, which was also where Martin and Yvonne were heading. So two hours after we all waved goodbye and wished each other a happy summer for the second time, Legend and Evolution were breasted up beside each other...
They can’t get rid of us that easily. We had an on board scrabble evening, which the boys won (subject to a steward’s enquiry),  then in the morning we all said goodbye for the third, and almost certainly final time until September, and waved them off.

As a thank you to the Benwick in Bloom society, Dave set about weeding and tidying up the flower beds round the mooring till lunch time. We'd invited Glen and Holly for lunch, we were expecting them any minute when we got an extra pleasant surprise and Ron and Rose dropped by to say hello as well. Lunch for four became lunch for six and two doggies.
In the evening we were back …

River Nene. Middle Level Navigations. Wansford to Ramsey

It’s been a hectic few weeks.
From Wansford Station we carried on down the beautiful River Nene to Peterborough and Ferry Meadows Country Park. We were now getting well into our old stomping ground; for several years in our former life we both worked in Peterborough so we’ve got a lot of history in this part of the country. The car club that we used to be part of -2cvGB - used to hold its annual “Registrars Day” Show and Shine weekend in Ferry Meadows and when we had our little Otter dinghy we came here on a couple of occasions to sail it. (“Sail” was a bit of an exaggeration one weekend when we were becalmed for hours and had to paddle back to shore, but we had a fly-past by a Lancaster which more than made up for it.) There are two main lakes in the park; one is for sailing, and the other is linked to the river by a short channel and has floating pontoons outside the visitor centre. There can’t be that many people who’ve steered boats across both of them, but we have!  As you would…