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Grand Union canal. North Oxford Canal. Welsh road to Newbold on Avon.

Three years ago, when we were at Welsh Road locks for the first time, we only stayed for a couple of nights, which was a shame as it’s such a nice mooring.  This time we were there for a fortnight with a walk to Long Ichington and the Blue Lias on one day, and a drive out to - and a lovely walk around - Draycote Water, where Kim, Luke and George joined us in the sailing club cafĂ©.
Kim had slipped on the ice a few weeks before and broken her arm, so she was learning how to look after a baby one-handed – not an easy task - so it was good to see them out and looking happy.
After our allotted time we reluctantly cast off and made our way up Bascote locks (2 singles and a staircase)
where we found some very nice dead hawthorn, followed by the Stockton flight. That took us up to Birdingbury Wharf; a very pleasant mooring spot near the The Boat Inn where the road runs parallel to the canal with just a hedge between and some very convenient parking places. Car outside boat window; always a G…