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Macclesfield Canal. Poynton to Whiteley Green.

You’d be amazed at how much mud an average sized fluffy puppy can acquire in the course of one walk. Paddy, during the two weeks we were looking after him and through no fault of his own, managed to transport a sizable volume of it from the towpath and the adjacent playing field into the boat. He also brought in a whole load of good times and taught us a great deal about dog ownership. Before Paddy, our walks would be planned; we’d have a rucksack with a packed lunch and flasks of coffee and a route and a map and our pockets would be full of hats and gloves. With Paddy, there would be a helter-skelter to get all three of us out of the boat with wellies and a lead and dog-walking attire (i.e. muddy-from-last-time) with not the slightest idea of where we were going apart from out, and our pockets would be full of doggy treats and poo bags. By the time Chloe came to collect him we knew our way around Poynton like natives and we were dab hands at cleaning furry feet in the well deck. We …

Peak Forest and Macclesfield Canals. Furness Vale to Poynton

Happy New Year Dear Reader, welcome to 2014; our third year as live-aboard boaters. We hope you had a good Christmas – we did.
For the week before Christmas we were moored in the first few yards of the Bugsworth Arm on the off-side overlooking Tesco. This proved to be a perfect mooring for Paddy, our temporary pet. He did fit in the boat quite easily once we’d put a table, a trolley and a few bags of other stuff in the boot of the car. It was also very quiet with no boats going past due to the basin at Bugsworth being de-watered until March. The towpath was still open so we were able to go and see the basin even though we couldn’t take Legend there. We took Paddy for several walks in that direction, including two up the TramwayTrail; a lovely footpath alongside the river, following the line of the horse-drawn limestone carrying tramway running down to the wharves at Bugsworth from the quarries at Doveholes and Chapel-en-le-Frith. Being in places like this, once the harsh, noisy, dirt…