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Calder & Hebble Navigation, Rochdale Canal. Brighouse to Todmorden

Moored up in Brighouse basin with all their lovely planted tubs made us realise that the flowers on Legend’s roof were past their best and getting very straggly.  Ann-Marie set too with the scissors and just like that another summer was over. And it has been a bit like that. All of a sudden we’ve got the fire going and we’re wearing buffs and boots instead of sun-hats and sandals. Not that we’re complaining, we’ve had a magnificent summer; we’ve walked for miles in the sunshine and had lots of long warm evenings sitting out in the well deck. Like everyone else we’re hoping for another few nice weeks in October, but for now we’re very grateful, thank you.
We left Brighouse with our local guide Jono on board and boated up to Elland. As we cruised along the cut he pointed out all the old mills and buildings that he used to remember working when he was a kid. We stopped at Brookfoot lock in the entrance to a now disused connection with the river, and Jono’s wife Nicole, who works nearby, …

Calder and Hebble Navigation. Dewsbury to Brighouse.

On Thursday we left Legend on the very pleasant visitor moorings at Dewsbury and went to the seaside. We started off in Scarborough, where we had a picnic on the beach and built a sand castle, then moved on to Filey. Dave was last in Filey when he was 7; all he can remember is paddling in the rock pools wearing plastic sandals, so it was good to see what a lovely little place it is. A proper unspoilt Northern seaside fishing town, where they still launch and recover the fishing cobbles on the beach with a tractor. Ann-Marie created a bit of sand-art. In the evening we joined the Aire Cooled Alley Cats 2cv club for a Fish & Chip supper at what used to be Harry Ramsden’s and is now the Wetherby Whaler at Guisborough. Waiter service, chandeliers, lashings of tea and bread & butter in a chippy; all a bit new to us but lovely all the same, and it was good to see all our northern 2cv friends again. One or two more club nights and we’ll be out of range. We took some of Ann-Marie’s h…

Aire & Calder Navigation, Calder & Hebble Navigation. Woodlesford to Dewsbury

If, Dear Reader, you have been paying attention, you might have asked yourself the following question. “Why, if Dave and Ann-Marie are heading for the Rochdale Canal, did they return to Woodlesford?” “Surely,” you may have continued, “In that direction lies the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, you know, the one I’ve been reading about all year.”
The answer is that we were planning to go away from the boat for a week and wanted to leave it somewhere safe. Last time we were at Woodlesford it felt very secure and it has the added advantage that our friends John and Gill live nearby. It was only a few miles out of our way through two very easy push-button locks, so we thought it made sense.
The reason for leaving Legend was that we were going to the 2CVGB National Meeting near Daventry. We also had to go away for a more sombre reason. Sadly, one of our neighbours from where we used to live passed away and we wanted to be at her funeral. Lynne and her husband Nev were the first people we got t…