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Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Foulridge Wharf to Southfield Bridge.

After we left the short term moorings at Foulridge and moved round the corner, we found that the canal bank was low enough to make painting the tumblehomes possible.
They got painted a year ago when we were out of the water at Hawne Basin, but despite our best efforts to avoid the more sticky-out bits of the canal system, tumblehome paint is often the sacrificial pawn in the gentle game of narrow-boating. We’ve decided that if we get the opportunity we’re going to give them a rub down and a fresh coat of paint each year. We just needed a low bank and a day or two without rain, followed by a week of not going anywhere while the paint hardened off.
Of course once you’ve done one side you have to turn it round to do the other, which meant we had a couple of hours boating to the next windy ‘ole. Luckily, no-one had pinched our spot when we got back. Now it’s all shiny again, ready for another year.
We’ve had this idea that if we tilt the boat over towards the bank using ratchet straps, we…