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Grand Union and Stratford canals. Kingswood Junction.

It was just as well that we climbed up Hatton locks when we did; this was the scene a week later.
And this is what we did with it.
As it was all melting away down here we jumped into the car and journeyed north to York (where it wasn’t) to join these good people and celebrate our dear friend David’s 60th (can you believe that?) birthday.
We’ve known these guys since their kids were the age their grandchildren are now, David was best man at our wedding and we hadn’t seen them since we left these shores 18 months ago. It was emotional.

Although there was still a fair bit of ice still around we slipped our moorings and headed away from Hatton to the Tom o’ the Wood moorings at Rowington. Bob and Mandy came on board for the day and then treated us to dinner in the pub in the evening. The idea was that they were going to pick our brains about live-aboard boating, as that is what they intend to do. Which was all well and good but left us feeling a bit fraudulent; they’re experienced hirers …

Grand Union Canal. Hatton.

Last Sunday was an exciting affair. Showing impressive loyalty and after two weeks on “Operation - Hatton 21” standby, including two aborted attempts, a baker’s dozen of our friends and family turned out to help us work Legend up the hill. Many, many thanks to all of you. We trust you all enjoyed it, we know we did.
In the style of the best laid plans it nearly didn’t happen. On Saturday, Dave walked up to the locks to make sure that the work was indeed finished, and that there would be nothing preventing us from proceeding. He came back to report that not only had the Day-Glow gang removed all their gear and vacated the site, but that he had watched a boat entering the bottom lock on its way up. We were all systems go for Sunday; what could possibly go wrong?

The crew from the boat he saw (and yes, we know who you are!) had left a top paddle open on the second lock of the flight. By the time we got there in the morning all the water had drained out of the pound above it. Now,…